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Starting a new business?

Starting a new business but lacking the investment to hire people? Worry not! On CoOWN, you can hire talented individuals on an equity basis. Offer them equity in exchange for their skills and time, and collaboratively transform your startup into a successful business. Join CoOWN today and bring your entrepreneurial vision to life with a motivated and invested team!

How does it work?

This platform offers innovative projects,project ideas and startups. Apply for a role that suits you the best, connect with the team to showcase your skills, join the team, contribute to project completion, discuss business strategies together, and turn it into a thriving business together.

Have an amazing Idea?

Transform your idea into a successful business with CoOWN. List your idea on CoOWN, detailing its vision and objectives. Define the roles required, including responsibilities and equity/profit split, ensuring transparency and fairness. Connect with and select talented individuals interested in your project, leveraging their skills and expertise. With your team in place, start developing your business and turn your idea into reality. Join CoOWN today and make your dream business a success! your idea a thought, If you think you can turn it into a business with the help of some people list the idea on CoOWN, define roles and their equity/profit split for your co-builders, find and select people who're interested in the project. Get building!